Cristina Duta is a dynamic and innovative leader with a strong background in technology and consulting. As the Director of Intelligent Automation at Aecom, she brings over 12 years of experience in software development and delivering Digital Transformation programs across industries like Telecom, Life Sciences, Banking, and Manufacturing.

With an MSc and a PhD in Computer Science, Cristina is at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and their application in driving innovation and operational excellence. She is an IA evangelist and thought leader, empowering organizations to adopt a digital mindset for the future of work.

Cristina is an Executive Member of the Intelligent Automation Congress, shaping the industry’s direction and fostering collaboration among experts. She is also a member of the VOCAL Council, contributing to strategic discussions on automation advancements. Cristina regularly shares her expertise at global and industry-led events.

With her visionary approach and expertise in intelligent automation, Cristina is dedicated to driving digital transformation and enabling organizations to thrive in the rapidly evolving landscape.