Alice is a Senior Standards Expert at Huawei Technologies UK, with over 20 years of experience in the mobile telecommunications industry. Prior to joining Huawei as a consultant in 2020, she worked for Vodafone where she was also active in ETSI ISG MEC. Prior to Vodafone, she worked at Fujitsu Laboratories and Motorola.

She has been active in several major SDOs and alliances — ETSI ISG MEC, 3GPP SA1, 5G ACIA and 5GAA. Particularly in MEC ISG, she has been the rapporteur and contributor to several major WIs, including Edge Application Enablement API and recently API Conformance Testing specifications. She is also a rapporteur of 5G service requirements specification in 3GPP SA1, as well as an active contributor in other organizations such as 5GAA and 5G ACIA.