Shawn Fitzgerald is Research Director for IDC’s Worldwide Digital Transformation Strategies practice and responsible for IDC’s Small and Medium Research Practice. Mr. Fitzgerald has been quoted in numerous articles and reports, including both The Economist and Forbes. He is a business practitioner, digital transformation (DX) thought leader, researcher, and public speaker with extensive global business and technology experiences. As a Lean Sigma certified Black Belt practitioner, he’s led enterprise change management initiatives at Dow 30 and Fortune 1000 companies across industry verticals including clinical research, life sciences, medical device, manufacturing, and multi-modal transportation sectors. Mr. Fitzgerald’s research coverage is centered on digital economies and societies; how companies are developing and leveraging new business, technology, and operating models for the benefit of businesses, markets, and customers that include sustainable business performance, growth, and profitability. Mr. Fitzgerald’s research also includes helping companies realize competitively differentiated digital visions and strategies through transformative leadership, requisite technology platforms, and organizational change expertise.