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Edge Computing is transforming every industry. It is enabling new business models, creating ecosystems and bringing closer modern digital experiences apps to end-users. At the heart of this wave of change is a next generation of apps powered by Kubernetes, the new de facto multi-environment infrastructure block. In this session, Jeremy Oakey, Spectro Cloud VP of Sales Engineering, will be covering the state of play in this new technology landscape and what modern Kubernetes at the edge should look like to provide real business value, using real examples of organizations scaling to 1000s of locations.

In this session Jeremy will discuss…

  • How Edge is the next phase of multicloud and is transforming every industry.
  • How containers and Kubernetes will be at the heart of this wave of change.
  • The challenges in deploying cloud native apps at the edge.
  • How a low-touch, plug-n-play edge K8s approach is possible to enable scale to thousands of locations.

Associated Speakers:

Jeremy Oakey

Vice President, Sales Engineering

Spectro Cloud

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10:45AM - Day 2

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