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Digital transformation enables more and more companies to experiment with the boundaries of the Cloud, the Edge, and everything in between.

This session will focus on the positioning of the edge in today’s evolving network architecture, and the attempt to transform the already well-known “cloud experience” to the edge, including:

  • Why today’s Edge isn’t the same as legacy On-Prem
  • How cloud providers are attempting to bring the cloud experience to the edge
  • How the Edge is Different from the Cloud
  • The keys to success at the Edge
  • The problem with Hyperscalers
  • Customer case study
  • The cost-effective connected edge

Associated Speakers:

Ziv Koren

Chief Product Officer

Telco Systems

Associated Talks:

04:00PM - Day 1

View Presentation: The Connected Edge – Why Hyperscalers Can’t Make the Cut

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