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IoT inside the Aircraft can enable a number of benefits for both airlines and passengers. To overcome the regulatory constraints and the complex industrial ecosystem, Airbus has adopted specific solutions to make IoT on-board feasible. We will also look at how a big industrial company like Airbus addresses innovation with the agility that IoT requires.

  • Airbus’ future Cabin vision and how IoT contributes to it. Concrete use-cases.
  • Challenges from regulatory requirements and industrial set-up.
  • Airbus’s approach to these challenges, leveraging on a platform approach and the right technology choices.
  • Our way of working is to let innovation progress in a big industrial organization, fostering EX and leveraging on demonstrators.

Associated Speakers:

Nicolás Torralba

Head of IoT, Platforms & Digital Solutions


Associated Talks:

10:00AM - Day 1

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