Day 1 - 20 September 2022



Registration, Coffee & Networking in the Exhibition Area



Chair’s Opening Remarks



Keynote: Accelerating Transformation with Edge Computing – 2022 State of Edge, Where are We?

Edge Computing allows IT leaders to run mission-critical applications and infrastructure outside the four walls of the datacenter. Edge deployments need a high degree of automation and low touch IT management, and must be cost effective with a measurable Return on Investment (ROI).

It is predicted that by 2025, three-quarters of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed at the edge – outside a traditional centralized data center or cloud (up from just 10% in 2018). Will you be ready to take advantage of the benefits edge computing offers?

In this session attendees will learn:

  • Use cases of how IT leaders in all industries are using Edge computing to meet their business needs.
  • Which kind of infrastructure platform is needed to be successful?
  • How to reduce management costs by 60%-80% with self-healing automation and intelligence.
  • Why Edge computing is a necessary complement to IoT and AI.
  • Innovative use cases for Edge computing.



Panel Discussion: Enabling Your Organization’s Edge Computing Transformation Journey

  • Perspectives on the Edge landscape right now.
  • What questions still need to be answered about the efficacy of this technology?
  • Use cases and demos of how Edge is impacting our clients.
  • Future roadmap toward widespread adoption of intelligent Edge.



Presentation: Making the Most of Your Enterprise Data Through Industrial Edge

  • Exploring ways to utilise your enterprise and company data in new ways through edge technologies.
  • What turns Edge into Industrial Edge, and what are the essential applications and use cases?
  • In what ways can Industrial Edge, work alongside cloud?



Case Study: Manufacturing & The Edge

  • Enhancing predictive maintenance and industrial inspection via the Edge.
  • Setting up precision monitoring and control with Edge.
  • The emergence of Manufacturing as a Service.



Lunch & Networking in the Exhibition Area



Keynote: Applications of Edge Cloud Computing in Banking and Financial Services

  • Disruptive trends in technology and digital transformation
  • Evolving role of financial institutions in the hyper-connected world
  • Applications of edge cloud computing in financial services



Presentation: The Mobile Edge – How Telcos can Thrive in The Cloud



Case Study: Smart Cities of The Future

  • Edge Computing for empowering city-wide IoT.
  • Bringing compute capabilities outside of the data centre for up to the minute insights for delivering services.
  • Real world applications discussed.



Coffee & Networking in the Exhibition Area



Case Study: Edge in Healthcare

  • Rethinking healthcare infrastructure.
  • Enhanced delivery of at-home and in-hospital care- continuous monitoring of patients.
  • Benefits of having access to medical data with low latency.
  • Edge and IOT as the enablers for telehealth.



Panel: Integrating AI and Edge Solutions to Build Competitive Advantage

  • Why AI and machine learning are increasingly being implemented at the edge.
  • Growing popularity of swarm computing at the edge.
  • Best practices in implementation.
  • Creating personalised experiences with edge-powered artificial intelligence.
  • Discussion of specific (real world) use cases for edge AI and swarm computing.



Presentation: Is Edge Computing the Missing Piece in the Innovation Jigsaw?



Chair’s Closing Remarks



End of Conference



Networking Party