Day 2 - 21 September 2022



Enterprise Edge Computing: Chairperson’s Welcome

Chairpersons welcome and opening remarks. 



Presentation: Manufacturing & The Edge

  • Enhancing predictive maintenance and industrial inspection via the Edge. 
  • Setting up precision monitoring and control with Edge. 
  • The emergence of Manufacturing as a Service. 



Keynote Presentation: A Controlled Infrastructure with Edge Capabilities

  • How do we achieve the bandwidth needed to create multi-access touchpoints? Could Software-defined networking (SDN) be the answer?  
  • Knowing when to implement Edge – not a one size fits all approach. 
  • How to keep Edge infrastructures secure.  



Panel: Accelerating Transformation with Edge Computing

  • Perspectives on the Edge landscape right now. 
  • What are the key challenges being faced across industries that need to be addressed? 
  • What questions still need to be answered about the efficacy of this technology? 
  • Use cases and demos of how Edge is impacting industries.  


Networking Break



Afternoon Keynote Presentation: Optimising your Edge Strategy

  • How to intergrade Edge capabilities into the enterprise – a look at best practices.  
  • Accessibility and flexibility – the ability to utilise Edge to meet your needs.   



Presentation: Data led Decisions at the Edge

  • Working closer to the Edge to reduce data and process latency.  
  • Communicating with the core for optimised data movement.  
  • Access rights to data – how to combat this early on.  



Presentation: Edge in Healthcare

  • Rethinking healthcare infrastructure. 
  • Enhanced delivery of at-home and in-hospital care- continuous monitoring of patients. 
  • Benefits of having access to medical data with low latency. 
  • Edge and IoT as the enablers for telehealth.  



Presentation: Multi-Access Edge Computing

A closer look at multi-access Edge computing including efficiency, latency and accessibility pros and cons through multiple touchpoints.  



Lunch & Networking Break



Presentation: Hospitality Hosting on the Edge

Content To Follow Soon…



Presentation: Edge Enabled Security Protocols

  • An added layer of security at each access point.  
  • Not putting all your eggs in one basket – the benefit of de-centralised storage.  
  • Growing pains – spotting the security flaws in this developing technology.  



Anh Tran

Senior Data Scientist


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Panel: Integrating AI and Edge Solutions to Build Competitive Advantage

  • Why AI and machine learning are increasingly being implemented at the edge. 
  • Growing popularity of swarm computing at the edge. 
  • Creating personalised experiences with edge-powered artificial intelligence. 
  • Discussion of specific (real world) use cases for edge AI and swarm computing. 
Moderator: . Anh Tran, Senior Data Scientist, DevoTeam


End of Day