Anna Brailsford, CEO of Code First Girls, has recently appeared on Sky News’ flagship business programme to discuss the lack of diversity in tech. The business has also had further national coverage in leading publications such as The Times, The Guardian and The Evening Standard, highlighting Code First Girls’ role in championing gender diversity in the global tech market. Code First Girls has just closed a    £4.5 million Series A, the lion’s share of which came from female angel investors and male allies, including the CEOs of leading companies like Bloom & Wild, Wise and Clearscore. Our investors recognise that supporting diversity in the tech industry is the right thing to do and that Code First Girls has found the right way to do it.


Working with more than 100 businesses, Code First Girls has a strong presence within the IoT space, working with Lloyds, TUI and BT. With solid data sets from its ever-expanding community, we are able to run sessions focusing on the steer of the tech talent market, government legislation and what the next generation of tech talent is demanding from their employers.


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