As CTO at SUSE Dr. Gerald Pfeifer leverages his deep understanding of container technologies and infrastructure software, developers, and open source ecosystems from both business and technology angles to help articulate, drive and promote SUSE’s technology vision. He engages with customers, partners and open source communities and chairs the board of openSUSE, a rich ecosystem of open source distributions and tools.

Vice president of Products & Technology Programs at SUSE until 2019, Dr. Pfeifer drove the transformation of the SUSE portfolio from the world’s first enterprise Linux to software-defined infrastructure including storage solutions and container and application platforms around Kubernetes. He also led partner-facing engineering teams and in the early days served as project lead for enterprise Linux and SUSE’s first offering for developers in 2004.

Dr. Pfeifer has a long history in open source software, starting before that term was coined, and still contributes to key projects such as the GNU Compiler Collection and Wine. Before joining SUSE in 2003, he was senior researcher at C.I.E.S./University of Calabria, Italy, and assistant professor at Vienna University of Technology, Austria, where he received his doctorate while equally enjoying research and teaching.

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