A passionate and enthusiastic senior technology leader with over a decade of enterprise experience in both customer facing and product leadership roles. I’ve used this experience along with my technical expertise and customer knowledge to build highly successful teams, processes, and programmes to address the changing needs of some of the largest organisations in the world, often in business critical projects with emerging technology platforms.

My career has been spent within consulting, product management, engineering, and solution engineering – always at the forefront of technology evolution, ensuring that strategic customers understand the product space and market trajectory, and how they can embrace transformational technologies to their advantage. I’ve acted as a technical authority, a trusted advisor, and a partner to product organisations so they’re always kept abreast of the continually evolving needs of our customers. The team I lead today is one of the most widely respected and technically brilliant in all of SUSE, working with customers on bleeding edge (literally) technology solutions, mostly centred around Kubernetes, virtualisation, infrastructure management and application lifecycle, edge, telco, hardware acceleration, and networking.

I’m an advocate of free-software and the open-source community, and an occasional contributor when I feel like I can make a difference. When not in front of a computer I can usually be found at the gym, building race cars, or making beer.

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