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Up to 88% of enterprise-scale businesses fail to achieve a return on investment from digital transformation projects and one of the biggest challenges is nothing to do with technology at all. It’s cultural. It’s about how organisations get themselves into a position, culturally and operationally, where they’re able to realise value from applying new technologies to industrial problems. Businesses are not going to be able to generate value from the work that they’re doing if the cultures in those organisations don’t adapt.

Following research with over 300 large organisations, Alex Vail will explain the building blocks you need – and the changemakers you need to identify within your own business – to create a culture where data innovation can flourish. The presentation will include:

  • New research into the most reliable indicators of digital transformation success
  • Which issues dominate the digital transformation risk registers of enterprise CTOs
  • The difficulty CEOs, senior executives and Board members face when interpreting data
  • The three employee profiles of the people who can eliminate transformation failure

Associated Speakers:

Alex Vail

Chief Executive

Data Strategy Alliance

Associated Talks:

02:45PM - Day 1

View Presentation: The Economics of Edge – How to Ensure a Cost-Effective Transformation

02:00PM - Day 1

View Presentation: Improving Culture to Prevent Digital Transformation Failure

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