• Samsung Semiconductors Inc.

    Stand 73

    Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. (SSI) is a multi-billion dollar subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, ...read more

  • Oracle


    Oracle provides a comprehensive portfolio of blockchain offerings, including business-ready Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace (SaaS for SCM users), ...read more

  • Canonical

    Stand 204

    Canonical is the publisher of Ubuntu, the OS for most public cloud workloads as well as the emerging categories ...read more

  • Bosch

    Stand N/A

    The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. It employs roughly 402,600 associates worldwide (as ...read more

  • AWS

    Stand TBC

    Launched in 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) began exposing key infrastructure services to businesses in the form of web ...read more

  • VMWare

    Stand 200

    VMware, Inc. is an American cloud computing and virtualization technology company with headquarters in California. VMware was the first ...read more

  • IBM

    Stand 142

    IBM is the global leader in business transformation through an open hybrid cloud platform and AI, serving clients in ...read more

  • StackPath

    Stand 217

    StackPath is a platform of computing infrastructure and services built at the edge of the cloud. So, if you’re ...read more

  • Lenovo

    Stand 201

    Lenovo is a US$45 billion Fortune Global 500 company and a global technology leader in driving Intelligent Transformation through ...read more

  • Outreach.io

    Stand 160

    Outreach, the first and only Sales Execution Platform, helps revenue teams bring intelligence to workflows, unlock full visibility across ...read more

  • Cassia Networks

    Stand 181

    Cassia Networks is the leading provider for enterprise Bluetooth IoT products and solutions. Our patented technology provides the most ...read more

  • OpenText

    Stand 102

    OpenText is a world leader in Information Management, helping companies securely capture, govern and exchange information on a global ...read more

  • Synopsys

    Stand 153

    Synopsys builds trust in software by enabling organizations to manage application security, quality, and compliance risks at the speed ...read more

  • FR Secure

    Stand 152

    FRSecure is a full-service information security consultancy founded in 2008 on the idea that the information security industry is ...read more

  • Spectro Cloud

    Stand 140

    Spectro Cloud provides a complete and integrated platform that enables organizations to easily manage the full lifecycle of any ...read more

  • AI Edge Labs / Scalarr

    Stand 125

    ...read more

  • Edgecast

    Stand TBC

    Find out more here: https://www.edgecast.com/ ...read more

  • Beamo

    Stand 193

    With Beamo, you can just start walking and capture 360° images, and let Beamo generate a digital twin in ...read more

  • Hammer Of The Gods

    Stand 218

    Hammer of the Gods (HOT-G) is building developer experience tools and infrastructure for observability, security, and monitoring for edge ...read more

  • Avassa

    Stand 146

    Learn more here: https://avassa.io/   ...read more

  • Vantiq

    Stand 120

    VANTIQ provides a low code platform to create highly scalable and fully distributed real-time applications that run on any ...read more

  • brightfin

    Stand 47

    brightfin is a revolutionary, subscription-based software provider of IT Expense Management and IT Finance Management (ITFM) solutions offered natively ...read more

  • AnyClip

    Stand 103

    AnyClip is ushering in a new era in video and AI with its proprietary Visual Intelligence™ Technology. With its ...read more

  • Sendbird

    Stand 101

    Sendbird believes conversations are at the heart of building relationships and getting things done. As such, the company built ...read more

  • Planisware

    Stand 76

    Planisware is a global provider of Program, Product & Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software for new product development, IT ...read more

  • FormAssembly

    Stand 100

    FormAssembly is an enterprise form platform built to help teams streamline complex processes and drive quality form conversions. We ...read more

  • TransPerfect

    Stand 119

    The world’s best businesses know that potential customers can be anywhere. TransPerfect helps our clients to be everywhere. With ...read more

  • SiliconExpert

    Stand 172

    Founded in 2000, SiliconExpert is the leading industry provider of electronic component data and parts management software in the ...read more

  • MODE, Inc.

    Stand 160

    Our Mission : MODE provides guidance and tools for more businesses to improve their operations by connecting them to ...read more

  • Rightpoint

    Stand 161

    Rightpoint, a Genpact company (NYSE: G) is a global experience leader. Over 700 employees across 12 offices work with ...read more

  • DRIVEN-4

    Stand 171

    We are focused on driving competitive advantage for our customers by providing strategies, insights and proven implementations of integrated ...read more

  • A4BEE

    Stand 205

    A4BEE: team of passionate engineers, architects, developers, business consultants, who through their work aim to create a positive impact for ...read more

  • Mimiq

    Stand 107

    Mimiq, Inc. (formerly Smart Mimic), a Silicon Valley company that develops fifth-generation low-power, long range connected consumer devices for ...read more

  • Energous Corporation

    Stand 209

    Energous Corporation (NASDAQ: WATT) is leading the next generation of wireless charging – Wireless Charging 2.0 – with its ...read more

  • Baicells Technologies

    Stand 211

    Baicells is an international company, providing disruptively priced and technically innovative 4G LTE and 5G NR Access Solutions that ...read more

  • Hologram Inc.

    Stand 188

    Hologram’s mission is to connect any device to any network, instantaneously, anywhere. #IoT connectivity is our passion and single ...read more

  • Telenor Connexion

    Stand 192

    Telenor IoT – The first choice for IoT  Telenor is a world leading IoT connectivity provider who helps organizations ...read more

  • Finite State

    Stand 165

    We enable product security teams – the guardians of the connected world – to protect the devices we rely ...read more

  • Corporate eWaste Solutions (CEWS)

    Stand 174

    Your Trusted Partner for a Sustainable Future ∙ Asset Recovery ∙ Data Security ∙ E-Waste Recycling ∙ Tech for ...read more

  • Everactive

    Stand 198

    Everactive delivers the most sustainable, scalable, and cost-effective Internet of Things solutions. The company’s proprietary low-power energy harvesting and ...read more

  • TDengine

    Stand 156

    More info coming soon… ...read more

  • TXOne Networks

    Stand 191

    TXOne Networks offers cybersecurity solutions to protect your industrial control systems to ensure their reliability and safety from cyberattacks. ...read more

  • DyoCense

    Stand 170

    dyoCense is a rapidly-growing IoT company providing enterprise middle-ware and IoT solutions for the digital transformation of industries. As ...read more

  • Gadgeon

    Stand 114

    Gadgeon is a new-gen technology consultancy and engineering services company enabling customers’ digital journey. Gadgeon is dedicated to building ...read more

  • Hardwario

    Stand 202

    We develop and manufacture multifunctional IoT kits for Industry 4.0 pilots, active STEM learning and DIY smart home projects. ...read more

  • Bringo Group Ltd

    Stand 169

    We are here to make your digital customer engagement simple yet robust through our range of powerful, fast, and ...read more

  • Ivanti

    Stand 177

    Wavelink, Supply Chain division of Ivanti is the global leader in supply chain solutions that focus on task worker ...read more

  • Panorama Antennas

    Stand 163

    2022 marks the 75th anniversary for Panorama Antennas, a global leader in the design and manufacture of RF antenna ...read more

  • McObject

    Stand 195

    McObject develops the eXtremeDB database system for intelligent devices, embedded systems and scalable real-time applications. Built on a core ...read more

  • Ellisys

    Stand 159

    Protocol analysis and test for USB 2.0, USB 3.1, USB Type-C, USB Power Delivery, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 802.11. Ellisys ...read more

  • Datashrubs

    Stand 157

    Datashrubs is a one-stop hub for a complete product life cycle, from Product Engineering, IT Services to Business Process ...read more

  • Kineis

    Stand 154

    Created in 2018, Kinéis is a satellite operator and global connectivity provider. The company inherits the forty years of ...read more

  • JACS Solutions

    Stand 155

    JACS Solutions is a leader in providing customized and purpose-built smart mobile device solutions to drive enterprise IoT and ...read more

  • SpinDance

    Stand 177

    SpinDance designs and develops fully integrated, custom software systems that bring products to life with compelling user experiences. Our ...read more

  • Viaanix

    Stand 118

    At Viaanix, we understand people. We think of life, design its extensions and advance societies. We do this without ...read more

  • Eseye

    Stand 168

    About Eseye We unlock the full potential of IoT, free from the complexities of global cellular connectivity. We have ...read more

  • Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

    Stand 164

    We are ALE. Our mission is to make everything connect to create the customized technology experiences customers need.  From ...read more

  • Keysight Technologies

    Stand 186

    Keysight Technologies, Inc. is a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers and governments accelerate innovation to connect ...read more

  • PCI Private Limited

    Stand 112

    PCI Private Limited (“PCI”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Celestica (Celestica Inc.). A leading specialist in electronics manufacturing services ...read more

  • KMC Controls

    Stand 197

    KMC Controls is an independent American manufacturer of building automation and IoT solutions for system integrators, system distributors, IT ...read more

  • Jaycon Systems

    Stand 122

    Jaycon Systems specializes in product design and hardware development, offering a complete service line that takes product concepts to ...read more

  • Optimal Design

    Stand 185

    Optimal Design is the leading IoT-focused digital consultancy who understands how to innovate, design, engineer and commercialize disruptive technology ...read more

  • wolfSSL

    Stand 162

    wolfSSL is an open source TLS library. wolfSSL’s products offer optimal performance, rapid integration, leverage hardware crypto and support for ...read more

  • Waylay NV

    Stand 156

    Waylay is a B2B software company with a mission to help enterprises navigate their IoT-driven digital transformation process by ...read more


    Stand 72

    MANTA is a central hub of all data flows in the organization. Our scanners connect to various parts of ...read more

  • The Modern Data Company

    Stand 66

    The Modern Data Company began with the realization that enterprise-wide data access has been siloed. Data engineers and database ...read more

  • Metric Insights, Inc.

    Stand 80

    Metric Insights’ Enterprise Business Intelligence Portal works by integrating all your BI tools, reporting, and metrics into a single, ...read more

  • Hightouch

    Stand 84

    Hightouch is the world’s leading Data Activation platform, using Reverse ETL to sync data from data warehouses directly into ...read more

  • Snorkel AI

    Stand 52

    Snorkel AI is a technology startup that empowers data scientists and developers to turn data into accurate and adaptable ...read more

  • Virtualitics

    Stand 45

    Virtualitics, Inc. is an advanced analytics company that helps enterprises and governments make smarter business decisions, faster with ready-to-use ...read more

  • Sigma

    Stand TBC

    Sigma is not another Business Intelligence tool. Sigma is the only Cloud Analytics solution with a spreadsheet-like interface that ...read more

  • Altada Technology Solutions

    Stand 66

    We are on a mission to deliver business results by combining ground-breaking technology and the brilliance of human endeavor. ...read more

  • Fujitsu

    Stand 58

    In August 2021 LARUS and Fujitsu launched Galileo.XAI, a data analytics platform based on graphs that can be quickly ...read more

  • Invest Hong Kong

    Stand 77

    ...read more

  • Kili Technology

    Stand 194

    According to Gartner, 80% of AI projects never reach deployment. Kili helps organisations address this problem with a data-centric ...read more

  • Intuitive Data Analytics

    Stand 80

    IDA transforms the way your business solves problems! While other data analytic systems are created to solve problems within ...read more

  • Kaskada, Inc.

    Stand 57

    Kaskada transforms data science with the first feature engine -the first time-stream database: a scalable query engine for iterative ...read more

  • MetroLink

    Stand 83

    The Data revolution is not about having large amounts of data anymore, and even not having great applications that ...read more

  • Innodata Inc.

    Stand 42

    Innodata (NASDAQ: INOD) is the world’s leading data engineering company. Prestigious companies across the globe turn to Innodata for ...read more

  • Ahana

    Stand 41

    Ahana is a managed service that provides high performance SQL analytics on the data lake using Presto, the open ...read more

  • Abzooba

    Stand 82

    Abzooba is an advanced analytics, big data, and cloud solutions company focused on providing modern data fabric, machine learning ...read more

  • Pepperdata

    Stand 109

    Pepperdata offers big data observability and automated optimization both in the cloud and on premises. Unlike solutions that provide ...read more

  • Pandata

    Stand 81

    Pandata helps innovative organizations design and develop human-centered, trusted AI. We are a team of creative thinkers, relationship builders, ...read more

  • Lucy A.I.

    Stand 59

    Lucy is a one-stop AI-powered knowledge platform for all the data an organization owns and licenses. She was shaped ...read more

  • Speechmatics

    Stand 44

    Speechmatics are global experts in deep learning and speech recognition, providing Autonomous Speech Recognition technology that understands every voice. ...read more

  • Qualytics

    Stand 46

    Qualytics seamlessly connects to your databases, warehouses, and source systems, proactively improving data quality through anomaly detection, signaling and ...read more

  • Trūata

    Stand 51

    Trūata – Do more with your data at speed and at scale To harness the full potential of data, ...read more

  • DataPure

    Stand 55

    DataPure provides the last mile of AI by enabling the deployment of machine vision at scale through live human-in-the-loop ...read more

  • Innotescus

    Stand 55

    Innotescus® is a high-performance image and video annotation platform enabling better data, faster annotation, and deeper insights through innovative ...read more

  • DQ Labs Inc

    Stand 158

    DQLabs.ai is an augmented data quality platform to manage your entire data quality life cycle. With ML and self-learning ...read more

  • Faraday.ai

    Stand 48

    Faraday helps growth teams enhance consumer experiences through predictive marketing and personalization at scale. We provide the infrastructure needed ...read more

  • Snowplow Analytics

    Stand 40

    Snowplow is a behavioral data platform, built to empower data teams to capture and operationalize behavioral data at scale. ...read more

  • Monte Carlo Data

    Stand 37

    As businesses increasingly rely on data to power digital products and drive better decision making, it’s mission-critical that this ...read more

  • Katana Graph

    Stand N/A

    The Katana Graph Engine scales horizontally to 100s-1000s of machines, providing efficient computation over unstructured data at unprecedented scale ...read more

  • LARUS Business Automation

    Stand 58

    In August 2021 LARUS and Fujitsu launched Galileo.XAI, a data analytics platform based on graphs that can be quickly ...read more

  • Oort

    Stand 190

    Oort is an identity threat detection and response platform for enterprise security. With over 60% of security breaches involving ...read more

  • SGS

    Stand 153

    We are SGS – the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company. We are recognized as the global benchmark ...read more

  • DTS

    Stand 148

    DTS is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business founded in 2011 by consulting experts with a proven track record ...read more

  • Anjuna

    Stand 120

    Anjuna Confidential Cloud software makes the public cloud secure for business by effortlessly enabling enterprises to safely run even ...read more

  • ProcessUnity

    Stand 149

    ProcessUnity is a leading provider of cloud-based applications for risk and compliance management. The company’s software as a service ...read more

  • ComboWare

    Stand 189

    The built-in functions of the ComboStack private cloud platform make you unexpectedly powerful, allowing IT personnel to master the ...read more

  • Digital Element

    Stand 196

    Digital Element’s industry-leading IP geolocation fraud and security solutions deliver vital insights that allow you to balance risk management, ...read more

  • Ekoios


    Founded in August 2015, Ekoios Technology has been Vietnam’s leading blockchain service development company, with a proven track record ...read more

  • PRüF Protocol

    Stand 90

    PRüF is an asset provenance platform. Using PRüF, you can be sure that the products you buy online or ...read more

  • Wanchain


    Wanchain, the Wide Area Network chain, is a decentralised blockchain interoperability solution with a mission to drive blockchain adoption ...read more

  • Merritt Exchange


    Fred L Merritt, Jr. founder and managing partner for Merritt Exchange, enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and ...read more

  • Berbix


    Berbix is a document identity verification solution that helps businesses accelerate growth and stay compliant at the same time ...read more

  • CasperLabs


    CasperLabs is an enterprise grade software company that provides blockchain solutions to enterprise clients which are migrating key business processes ...read more

  • Unicoin


    Unicoin represents the next generation of cryptocurrency as it is dividend paying and assets-backed. Unicoin, is a new cryptocurrency that will be ...read more

  • BSV Technical Standards Committee


    The mission of the Technical Standards Committee (TSC) is to promote technical excellence and improve Bitcoin SV (BSV) utility ...read more

  • Elliptic

    Stand 91

    We help our customers make the crypto economy a safe place to transact and invest as crypto paves the ...read more

  • Tatum


    We believe blockchain is the future and developing apps on the blockchain should be as easy. To help developers, ...read more

  • DigiShares

    Stand 87

    DigiShares provides the leading platform for tokenization of real estate and other assets. The platform helps real estate developers ...read more

  • TRON

    Stand 92

    TRON is dedicated to accelerating the decentralization of the internet via blockchain technology and decentralized applications (dApps). Founded in ...read more

  • Moonblocks

    Stand TBC

    MoonBlocks is a crypto marketing agency that aims to support blockchain and crypto projects who want to have visible ...read more

  • DatChat Inc


    DatChat Inc. is a blockchain, cybersecurity, and social media company that not only focuses on protecting privacy on personal ...read more

  • VMWare Blockchain

    Stand 62

    VMWare Blockchain is the digital foundation that helps you run business-critical, multi-party applications. ...read more