Stand No: 212

Akuity is the enterprise company for Argo, the leading open-source suite of cloud-native application delivery software. Akuity was founded by Argo creators Hong Wang, Jesse Suen and Alexander Matyushentsev, and its mission is to empower DevOps teams with the Akuity Platform to deliver their apps simpler, safer, and faster.

Thanks to the unique agent-based architecture of the Akuity Platform, you can host a central Argo CD instance that operates outside of any of your cloud accounts or on-premise environments. In addition to the simplified networking requirements, the agent-based approach provides a significantly improved security model. These makes the Akuity Platform an ideal tool to deploy applications to Kubernetes clusters on Edge.

The Akuity team have recently launched another Open Source project called Kargo – aimed to provide stage-to-stage promotion using GitOps without bespoke automation and CI pipelines.