Grant Challenger is the Director of Edge Computing.  As part of the Service Provider and Edge Business Unit he is responsible for global go to market functions for Edge Computing and Edge Solutions.  Grant works with customers and partners to achieve their business goals through collaboration and innovation.  As an integral part of the product team this collaboration enables VMware to build solutions that customers need.

Grant has been a leader as an intrapreneur or entrepreneur in the software industry for the past 30 years.  He has been a founder of three venture backed startups and facilitated the launching of many software solutions for industry segments such as Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare and others.  Grant joined VMware in of 2013 to help launch vSAN as a founding member of the go to market team.  In his career he has focused on unique technological advances that transform business.

He believes in bringing value to every engagement with a humble but get things done perspective.  Doing the right thing matters.  Respecting the key tenet that all people want to succeed and be recognized for their achievements.