With over twenty years of industry experience, Basil is a dynamic force in the cloud computing arena. As the General Manager of the SUSE Edge business unit, he is at the helm of product management, strategy, and marketing, with his sights set firmly on achieving global growth and scale. Under Basil’s leadership, the unit has achieved significant year-over-year growth, showcasing his exceptional skills in driving innovation, strategically aligning various functions, and leveraging the power of open-source technologies.

Basil’s strategic focus extends across various edge verticals including communications service provider sectors, underlining his commitment to broadening the reach and impact of cloud-native solutions across multiple edge segments. His efforts are dedicated to transforming cutting-edge technology into practical, industry-wide applications, steering the global expansion of the SUSE Edge business and setting new benchmarks in the process.

In his previous capacity as Vice President of Cloud Native Infrastructure at SUSE, Basil significantly influenced the strategic direction and management of Rancher’s cloud-native products. He spearheaded the creation and deployment of advanced cloud-native edge solutions, addressing key industry challenges such as cluster management, heterogeneous architectures, and implementing zero-trust security on a scalable level, all tailored to meet the global demands of SUSE’s diverse customer base.

Before joining Rancher, Basil contributed his expertise to Red Hat’s Cloud Platforms business unit, leading product management and shaping the business strategy for security solutions. His foundational work included designing a secure, high-performance cloud architecture that served critical needs for US public sector civilian agencies and contractors.

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from Norfolk State University, Basil’s rich background and forward-thinking approach continue to influence the cloud-native and edge computing sectors, propelling the global growth and technological advancement of these domains.