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In a world where slow is the new down, a network that just keeps up with the business is not enough. More than ever, networks impact application performance and influence business outcomes from app velocity to operational efficiency and new service deployment at scale.


Further, leaders face the arduous task of introducing AI to somehow help with automation while navigating hyper-distributed infrastructures out of the direct control of networking and infrastructure teams. Simply put, complexity is harming app performance. It’s why leaders must shift to an application-centric networking strategy to grow their business. Join IBM for an insightful conversation about improving business outcomes through a network strategy that puts applications first.

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Pieter De Villiers

Product Manager - IBM Software Networking


Associated Talks:

11:10AM - Day 1

View Complexity is harming application performance. Discover a network strategy that puts applications first

11:45AM - Day 1

View Panel: The Key Infrastructure Requirements to Enable Edge Computing

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