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The most diverse and expansive wave of the Edge landscape is upon us.  In this keynote, we’ll explore the multifaceted challenges of cloud-native IoT and the pivotal role of open source in surmounting the obstacles within this crucial, foundational layer of the Edge; Driving new business value, fostering rapid innovation, and paving the way for a more interconnected and efficient industrial future.  

  • The ‘tiny edge,’ encompassing Industrial IoT hardware, protocols, discovery, integrations, and management, often presents massive complexity   
  • We believe that we’ve identified the ‘final turtle’ in the stack—a foundational layer of IIoT that brings its own set of challenges yet offers a base for innovation. 

Associated Speakers:

Keith Basil

General Manager, Edge Business Unit


Associated Talks:

10:15AM - Day 2

View Panel: Key Infrastructure Requirements to Enable Edge Computing

01:00PM - Day 1

View Discovering the Final Turtle: Understanding the Landscape of the Cloud Native Industrial Edge

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