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Edge Computing, as we are all aware now, releases the technology stack from the cloisters of data centers and large server racks to where the data is. However, edge computing also has a great impact on how we think not just about the data but how we use the data in smarter predictability and decisions making using new thinking on the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Metaverse on the other hand is opening the door on how we interact with one another and the world. This presentation takes step back and takes a new look on the area of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and redefines and positions Edge Computing in the context of that new thinking in terms of opening a new outlook to Metaverse to interact with both human and humanoids. This presentation further takes the area of Edge Computing on other areas of modern technology such as Blockchain, Digital Twin, Augmented and Virtual Reality as an extension of Internet of Things (IoT) as well as Quantum Computing. The author describes each of these areas and their relationships to Edge Computing through his own innovative works and beyond.

Associated Speakers:

Maharaj Mukherjee, PhD

Senior Vice President and Senior Architect Lead

Bank of America

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10:45AM - Day 2

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