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It’s all happening at the Edge. The explosion of data, the increase in speeds with 5G, the need for enterprises to deliver intelligent and immersive experiences to delight their customers. 30% of the workloads are projected to be deployed at the Edge by FY2025 at a rate faster than public cloud adoption.

This presentation will showcase VMware’s Edge Compute Stack as a single integrated stack that supports:

  • Edge Native Apps built on VMs or Containers or Web Assembly that leverage multi-cloud services
  • Running Standard Server OS, Mobile OS, or Real-Time OS
  • For IT and OT to deliver intelligent real-time solutions
  • Delivered consistently to the far edge enterprise sites and near-edge Telcos and PoPs
  • Deployed securely across both wired and wireless (4G and 5G) networks

The Edge will be as exciting an area of innovation and value creation in the next decade as the cloud was in the last decade.

Associated Speakers:

Sanjay Uppal

SVP & GM - Service Provider and Edge Business Unit


Associated Talks:

11:30AM - Day 1

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