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Generating prompt insights from data using machine learning (AI ML) and advanced analytics serves as a fundamental catalyst for driving business transformation. This presentation covers:

    • Benefits and basic definitions¬†of AI ML and Advanced Analytics and current challenges with common patterns of implementation in these areas around data volume, latency, and security.
    • Components¬† for a successful strategy and why distributed computing should be considered as a critical component in this strategy
    • How Edge Computing as a distributed computing paradigm can address challenges related to data volume, latency, and security by processing data closer to the source, therefore, enabling more real-time insights, improved data privacy, and efficient resource utilization.
    • Edge Computing design patterns, future of Edge Computing, and examples.

Associated Speakers:

Azita Asefi

Principal Systems Architect, VP Decision Intelligence and Automation

Wells Fargo

Associated Talks:

02:20PM - Day 2

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