Day 2 - 18 May 2023

Optimizing the Edge


Maharaj Mukherjee, PhD

Senior Vice President and Senior Architect Lead

Bank of America

Associated Talks:

10:15AM - Day 2

View Presentation: The Economics of Edge – How to Ensure a Cost – Effective Transformation

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Presentation: The Economics of Edge – How to Ensure a Cost – Effective Transformation

This Session Will Explore…

  • Edge enabled enterprise transformation has the potential to accelerate delivery value, reduce operational cost to ensure efficiency. 
  • How to evaluate edge performance to ensure it is a worthwhile investment for your organisation. 
  • The ongoing chicken and egg debate: Can we afford to wait for monetizable applications before making the investment needed to scale up edge infrastructure? 
  • Do the benefits of edge outweigh the significant financial cost of accelerating its deployment? 
  • To what extent do cellular private networks offer the solution to scale up the edge in strategic and commercial locations? 
  • Will the footprint of edge infrastructure naturally grow in line with the deployment of 5G networks?   
. Maharaj Mukherjee, PhD, Senior Vice President and Senior Architect Lead , Bank of America


Keynote Presentation: Making the Most of Your Enterprise Data Through Industrial Edge

  • Exploring ways to utilise your enterprise and company data in new ways through edge technologies. 
  • What turns Edge into Industrial Edge, and what are the essential applications and use cases? 
  • In what ways can Industrial Edge work alongside cloud? 


Panel: Accelerating Transformation with Edge Computing

This Session Will Explore…

  • Perspectives on the Edge landscape right now. 
  • What are the key challenges being faced across industries that need to be addressed? 
  • What questions still need to be answered about the efficacy of this technology? 
  • Use cases and demos of how Edge is impacting industries. 


Networking Break


Presentation: Edge Driving Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

  • Delivery of content-rich experiences to customers. 
  • Increased Operational Efficiency. 
  • Bespoke customer experiences. 
  • Security & Surveillance. 
  • The infrastructure needed to drive the newest innovations.


Presentation: Edge Compute in Robotics and Computer Vision

  • Why is Edge Computing essential to computer vision operations? 
  • Computer Vision on Edge Vs. Cloud. 
  • Edge Robotics – are we ready? 


Presentation: Edge Computing – The Next Frontier

  • The impact of Edge Computing on how we think not just about data but how we use the data for smarter predictability and decision making, 
  • A look at Edge Computing using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 
  • How Edge Computing can be used alongside areas of modern technology such as Blockchain, Digital Twin, Augmented and Virtual Reality an as an extension of Internet of Things (IoT). 


Lunch & Networking Break


Panel: The Evolution of Edge – Where Do We go Next?

  • Future roadmap toward widespread adoption of intelligent Edge. 
  • The possibilities created by fast and local critical decision making. 
  • Predictions for the next round of innovations within the space – where will Edge be by 2025? 


Presentation: Should I Build My Own Edge Cloud?

  • Conflict between building own edge cloud or using a platform to set up a cloud instance locally.
  • Micro Clouds and Multi-Clouds.


Presentation: Edge Computing – A Future Focus

  • Real-time decision everywhere, all the time – what industries can progress further through Edge adoption?  
  • The combination of Edge and 5G creating a hyper-connected ecosystem. 


End of Event