Day 2 - 10 February 2021



Senior Representative, Scale Computing

Associated Talks:

10:00AM - Day 2

View Keynote: Creating The Internal Business Case For Investment In An Intelligent Edge Strategy

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Keynote: Creating The Internal Business Case For Investment In An Intelligent Edge Strategy

○ Edge as the enabler of new revenue streams
○ Improving customer experience via increased personalization
○ The upside of drastically reducing transmission costs
○ Minimizing the risk of network outage

. Senior Representative, Scale Computing, ,



Panel discussion: Defining Edge For All Stakeholders: Where Is The Value, And What Groundwork Needs To Be Put in?

Edge computing represents a great opportunity for many participants in the tech ecosystem, but they cannot do everything alone. Cloud companies are teaming up with telecom providers to combine infrastructure strength with network capability – and the race is on to get developers building applications which make the most of 5G and AI, enabled by edge technologies.

  • Defining edge as a value proposition for cloud and telecoms
  • Exploring the partnerships already taking place
  • Using AI to improve performance of edge devices
  • What applications will result from this, and who will ultimately win the race?



Rob Hornbuckle



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11:15AM - Day 2

View Case study: Edge in Aviation

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Case study: Edge in Aviation

This session will cover:
○ Rethinking aviation infrastructure
○ Enhanced delivery of continuous monitoring
○ Discussing the benefits of low latency data
○ Edge and IOT as the enablers

. Rob Hornbuckle, CISO, Allegiant



Case study: Edge in Retail

In this session you will learn:

○ Edge/RFID for goods tracking in-store and supply chain
○ Increased Operational Efficiency within retail
○ Bespoke customer experiences
○ Security & Surveillance



Terry W. Himes

Mars Odyssey Relay Sequence Team

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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12:15PM - Day 2

View Case Study: Edge at NASA

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Case Study: Edge at NASA

. Terry W. Himes, Mars Odyssey Relay Sequence Team, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory



Case study: Edge in Automotive

In this session you will learn:
○ Sensor fusion and value aggregation to protect sensitive data
○ Autonomous driving and smart infrastructure for efficient mobility
○ Machine Learning for intuitive infotainment systems
○ Generic Rules and Machine Learning based Monitoring and Alerting for the Car



Siavash Alamouti

EVP, Head of R&D

Wells Fargo

Associated Talks:

12:15PM - Day 1

View Presentation: Hybrid Edge Cloud

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Presentation: Hybrid Edge Cloud

. Siavash Alamouti, EVP, Head of R&D, Wells Fargo



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